ApiStack : Micro Apps Hosted for You

There is an API for every problem!

Integrate Phone Number Verification using OTP, Build apps on Airtable, Passwordless login using magic links within minutes using apistack
into your current web/mobile app or into any No Code Platforms .

Supported No Code Platforms

Integrate your first stack ➝

Start with the forever free plan

Iterate faster with apistack services

Your apps need to integrate many workflows like Phone number verification, email verification, file store, job queues, cron jobs, payments, etc.

apistack provides simple endpoints for adding these workflows so you can iterate faster.

Integrated into thousands of products.

You’ll love how easy it is to get started!

Pick and choose your stack, click on install and your APIs & Plugins are ready to integrate.

All APIs & Plugins under one roof, be it for mobile apps, web apps or no code platforms for all use-cases.

End to end workflows, so you don't have to worry about fallbacks, error handling, multiple service subscriptions etc.

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A single solution for all your app needs

Blazing Fast APIs

We are committed to < 150ms response time for all our APIs to delight your users.

Multiple Security Layers

All APIs are secured by TLS and internal data-flow uses AWS powered encryption!

Zero Maintenance

apistack is a serverless backend for your apps. Zero devops guaranteed!

Built-in Autoscaling

Built-in autoscaling! You focus on your customers; we manage your infra.

No Vendor Lock-In

You can leverage the simplicity of apistack on your existing services accounts

Pay for what you use

If you don't use any APIs, you pay nothing. Fair pricing for high volume usage.

Serverless Pricing Model, Pay for what you use!

apistack is a secure and scalable wrapper over multiple services required for your mobile or web app.So by using apistack, you don't have to pay for multiple services!

No Credit Card Required to get started.

Free Plan

50 API blocks (one time)

Limited API Stacks

Community Support

Pay as you go Plan (Prepaid)

No fixed monthly charge

Auto-recharge account

Access to all API Stacks

Priority Email/Chat Support

0.0005$ / API block
Get Started for Free ➝

No credit card required.


How pricing for apistack works? What is an API Block?
How does the free plan works? What are the limitations?
How is it different than Zapier?
Need help with your first integration ?

We want you to succeed with apistack. If you need any help with your first integration, we would love to pair with you. We will understand your use case, suggest the right solution and get you going in 30 minutes. We charge 200$ flat fee for this integration.

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